It is well-known that building WebRTC from source can be a quite painful process because the WebRTC library has many dependecies and a very complex build pipeline.

In a recent project, I had to include WebRTC into a C++ Win32 application. Fortunately, there are multiple pre-built libraries available that one can download in such a case. However, nearly all of them are static libraries – but I needed a dynamic library (with the /MD flag) to include it into the Win32 application.

After weeks of very annoying try & error I finally managed to build dynamic (or shared) libraries of WebRTC. It was only possible using the WebRTC for UWP project on Github:

For all of you who have to do something similar, I decided to upload the WebRTC.lib files in Release and Debug configuration. You can download the libraries here in Version 1.62 and 1.71 (Windows 10 64 Bit, Visual Studio 2017):

Note: please note that I cannot guarantee that the libraries above are complete and functioning. There might be some symbols missing.


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