UnityViveAPI [Free Download]

Posted by admin | 27. Januar 2017 | Downloads


Single class that tries to implement an easy access to all HTC Vive sensor data/controls in Unity3D. To access the Vive data just add the Vive script to your scene and type


anywhere in your code.

available data:

  • Vive.ControllerL
  • Vive.ControllerR
  • Vive.HeadsetCamera
  • Vive.HeadsetCameraRig
  • Vive.IsLeftTriggerPressed
  • Vive.IsRightTriggerPressed
  • Vive.UserHeight

available functions:

  • Vive.VibrateRController(float)
  • Vive.VibrateLController(float)
  • Vive.TeleportPlayerToPos(UnityEngine.Vector3)
  • Vive.FadeToWhite(float)
  • Vive.FadeToBlank(float)
  • Vive.FadeToBlack(float)



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