Posted by | 12. August 2020
DirectX 11 Texture Sharing in Unreal Engine [Tutorial]

As seen in the other tutorial that described how to access and use a shared texture in Unity, we can also try to do this in Unreal. The problem is...

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Posted by | 6. Oktober 2019
Compute Shader in Unreal [Tutorial]

Working with Compute Shader in Unreal is complicated and annoying: One finds rarely information on the web on how to implement, use or include them in Unreal - which is...

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Posted by | 16. Juli 2018
Parallel Bitonic Sorting on the GPU – Compute Shader implementation in Unreal

Download the Plugin for the Unreal Engine here: https://github.com/ValentinKraft/UE4_SortingComputeShader The compute shader that handles the sorting: //Since we can't #include private Engine shaders such as Common.ush we have to copy...

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Posted by | 27. Juli 2017
Unreal Engine: Including a Third-Party Library (on the example of the Point Cloud Library and Boost) [Tutorial] [Download]

I recently tried to include the Point Cloud Library into Unreal. I ran into so many problems and had such a hard time finding proper answers/solutions (since Unreal's documentation is...

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