Posted by | 27. Januar 2017
UnityViveAPI [Free Download]

UnityViveAPI Single class that tries to implement an easy access to all HTC Vive sensor data/controls in Unity3D. To access the Vive data just add the Vive script to your...

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Posted by | 20. November 2016
TextureToMeshGenerator [FreeDownload]

This little program/script allows you to generate a 3D Mesh out of a simple 2D Texture. Precisely, the 2D Texture will be upscaled to abitrary size using the "ImageQuilting" algorithm...

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Posted by | 11. März 2016
Google Play Music Playlist Fixer [Free Download]

Description: This little program fixes some issues I came across when using the Google Play Music Manager to upload my iTunes playlists. I use Google Play Music for an online-version...

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