Posted by | 12. August 2020
DirectX 11 Texture Sharing in Unreal Engine [Tutorial]

As seen in the other tutorial that described how to access and use a shared texture in Unity, we can also try to do this in Unreal. The problem is...

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Posted by | 28. August 2019
DirectX 11 Texture Sharing in Unity3D [Tutorial]

Sometimes, you want to share a Texture that you have created in one application to another application on the same machine. When performance is important, the DirectX Texture Sharing feature...

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Posted by | 15. Juli 2019
WebRTC.lib Shared/Dynamic libraries [Free Download]

It is well-known that building WebRTC from source can be a quite painful process because the WebRTC library has many dependecies and a very complex build pipeline. In a recent...

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Posted by | 27. Juli 2017
Unreal Engine: Including a Third-Party Library (on the example of the Point Cloud Library and Boost) [Tutorial] [Download]

I recently tried to include the Point Cloud Library into Unreal. I ran into so many problems and had such a hard time finding proper answers/solutions (since Unreal's documentation is...

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