★ Render massive point cloud data in Real-Time in the Unreal Editor
★ VR-ready
★ Load colored PCD and PLY files
★ Render streaming/dynamic point data utilising the GPU in Real-Time
★ Work with point clouds like with a standard object in the editor (static point clouds only)
★ Assign arbitrary materials to your point cloud (static point clouds only)
★ Apply object surface/shape reconstruction algorithms
★ Compute collisions, render shadows, etc. (static point clouds only)
★ All functions are written in performant C++ code but are exposed to easy-to-use Blueprint nodes
★ Demo level and demo point clouds included
★ Full source code included


The point cloud renderer is subject of my master thesis. For more information, see the university’s publication page:

Or directly read the thesis here: Thesis


Might be coming to the Unreal Marketplace. Alternatively, send me an E-Mail to receive an alpha version for a lowered price. The mere rendering plugin (without loading point cloud files, accessing the Kinect, etc.) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/ValentinKraft/UE4_GPUPointCloudRenderer


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